Class Notes: EM

Degree Year
  • 2017

photo of Arriman Maulana Makmoen

Arriman Maulana Makmoen


  • MEng


My name is Arriman Maulana Makmoen, and you may call me Arri. I just graduated from Cornell Engineering Management (EM) six months ago, in May 2017.

I am currently living in Indonesia and now I am working with PT. Tripatra Engineers and Constructors, a local Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company. Tripatra's core business is in the upstream oil and gas sector. As of 2016, Tripatra has started diversifying its business into five sectors: upstream, downstream, midstream-power-industrial (MPI), O&M and infrastructure.

As for myself, I am the Business Development Executive for MPI sector. Since I joined Tripatra in August 2017, I have been working specifically on the renewable energy subsector, in which my main focus is power generation from geothermal and waste-to-energy. Right now, I am working on the business initiative in order to penetrate the renewable energy market, and my next plan is to handle technology mapping, feasibility study and hopefully a project from a client.

My current activity aligns very well with my previous studies in Cornell, as I took the Energy Systems Management specialization. The EM core, finance and accounting courses, energy courses, as well as my final project in hydropower (under Dr. Francis Vanek) have created a strong foundation for doing my job. Thanks to the Cornell EM experience, I have a good sense of energy economics and market study.

With my current experience, I would be more than happy to share with current students, prospective students and fellow alumni as well as professors. I look forward to building a strong network with the Cornell EM community.


Warm regards,