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Congratulations to the Engineering Management Class of 2019!

Photos by: Devarshi Bhatt, Manu Khandelwal, Neeraj Vijantkar


MEMPC Design and Pitch Competition at MIT

Cornell Master of Engineering Management students Mridul Chulet, Andy Kong, Erica Marroquin and Colin McGraw won “Most Sustainable Design & Pitch" at the annual Master of Engineering Management Program Consortium (MEMPC) Design and Pitch Competition at MIT!  The MEMPC Competition gathered student teams from 9 U. S. universities to tackle real world sustainability challenges. 

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The team also made this awesome video:

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“How do you feed 10 billion people by 2050 without destroying the world?” asked Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon, computer science.

This past weekend, 3.2.19 - 3.3.19, Cornell’s Digital Agriculture Hackathon took place at the Vet school. Cornell Engineering Management students Devarshi Bhatt's and Manu Khandelwal’s team Mandi was among the top ten winning teams! Team Mandi proposed a government funded one-stop digital platform which will assist small-holder farmers to make decision about what to grow, how to maintain and where to sell their crops. 

Link to Cornell Daily Sun article:


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Digital transformation. Entrepreneurship. Design thinking.

Winners of the Cornell’s Digital Transformation Hackathon (Changing Lives)!
To address the obesity problem in America, we created an app that uses a competitive betting system to incentivize users to get their steps in and stay fit. And of course, a BIG shoutout to my team members. (Engineering Management student) Won Young Choi, thank you for providing your enthusiasm and entertainment every step of the way. Alexander Lee, thank you for being the time-keeper and making sure we were on track to success. Another weekend well spent? I think yes.
 -Kathy Wang


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Vacancies in the White Bead Factory: How to motivate your employees

In a simulation model, students are learning to apply different management systems and practices to motivate, recognize, and inspire team members in future work environments. Guest lecturer Gina Benedict met with the Engineering Management students this past fall, 2018. 


Andrea Ippolito

Circuitous Career Paths, Leaning into Your Strengths and Following Your Passions

Listen to Andrea Ippolito, Executive Director of the Engineering Management Program, discuss the importance of failing fast, and learn about her challenges and successes as a woman working in innovation in episode 7 of CAMTech Chats! Listen here:
CAMTech Chats is a curated podcast series that continues the conversation about current issues in the global medtech ecosystem.


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30th Engineering Management Celebration & NYC Trek Visit Reflection

November 6, 2018
At the beginning of October, I attended the 30th Anniversary of Cornell’s Engineering Management Program where I had the pleasure to talk and connect with various Cornell Engineering Management alumni. This event brought together new students and alum from the past three decades to both network and allow for reflection on the future of the Engineering Management discipline. The main presentation consisted of an alumni panel that included Michael Goulet (Director at PwC Strategy), Samuel Duncan (Product Strategy Lead; Online to Offline Solutions, Americas, Google), Prashanth Chandrasekar (Senior Vice President and General Manager; Rackspace), Jennifer Hsu (Strategic Partnerships, Walmart Global), and Mark Kopera (Head of Product, Moat). Each panelist highlighted the crucial skill of learning how to communicate and work closely together with technical engineers through the Engineering Management Program and how it helped to propel their careers. As a current student of the program, I found this opportunity to connect and network invaluable in learning more about the potential opportunities of Engineering Management. One of the most fascinating things I learned was that most of the panelists chose the consulting career first and then specialized in their industry later. I was glad to learn that the Engineering Management Program aligns with the needs of corporate leadership, consulting and tech industries, and enables me to stand out from other engineers. 

Following this event, the next day I had the privilege to help organize the trek visit to tour campuses of Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Google, Lyft, McKinsey, and WSP to see firsthand how Engineering Management graduates from Cornell helped shape and build the vision at these growing companies into what they are today. I found each company’s hospitality welcoming and was impressed with the professional careers they had to offer. All in all, I was so grateful to have the opportunity to help with such a unique and purposeful event and see the effort that Cornell gives its students, both of the past and the present.
Mridul Chulet
Master of Engineering student in Engineering Management '19

photo credit: Manu Khandelwal