Online Learning Courses

The degree program requires thirty (30) credit hours consisting of coursework and a project. 

Curriculum Structure

Our online and asynchronous courses are delivered through a course management system. You will have access to course materials, high-quality videos, assignments, and communication tools in one place. 

During the first summer, you will take a one-credit pass/fail course (Python and Data Visualization). There are two one-week required summer sessions on the Cornell campus in Ithaca, New York when you can immerse yourself in campus life, while building life-long connections with your online learning cohort.

For more details, view the Course Descriptions.

Required Courses

ENMGT 5900 - Project Management (Fall and Spring, 4 credits)
ENMGT 5910 - Engineering Management Project (Fall and Spring (must be taken in final semester), 4 credits)
ENMGT 5930 - Data Analytics (Fall (must be taken in the first semester), 4 credits)
ENMGT 5940 - Economics and Finance for Engineering Management (Spring, 4 credits)
ENMGT 5980 - Decision Framing and Analytics (Fall, 3 credits)
ENMGT 6020* - Managing a Culture of Innovation (Fall, 3 credits)
ENMGT 5080 - Introduction to Python Basics (Summer, 1 credit)
ENMGT 6001 - **Residential Session 1 (Summer (first), 1 credit)
ENMGT 6002 - **Residential Session 2 (Summer (second), 1 credit)


Beyond the above requirements, students must select and take at least two of the following electives.

ENMGT 5200 - Economics of the Energy Transition (Fall, 3 credits)
ENMGT 5920 - Product Management (Spring, 3 credits)
ENMGT 5960* - Negotiations and Contracts for Engineering Managers (Fall, 3 credits)
ENMGT 5990* - Contemporary Challenges for Engineering Managers (Fall, 3 credits)
ENMGT 6030 - Learning to Lead (Spring, 3 credits)
CEE 6065 - Special Topics in Transportation: Managing Transportation Systems (Spring, 3 credits)
CEE 6640 - Microeconomics of Discrete Choice (Spring, 3 credits)
CEE 6800 - Engineering Smart Cities (Fall, 3 credits)
SYSEN 5740 - Design Thinking for Complex Systems (Spring, 2 credits)

* ENMGT 5960 or ENMGT 5990 may be substituted for ENMGT 6020 as a required course, all three fulfill the requirement for one organizational behavior course.

 **Participation in the Residential Sessions, one each summer, is required. Students are responsible for travel to and from Ithaca, New York, as well as course tuition. Sessions are for one week in June.