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Johnson School Opportunities

Cornell Engineering Management students will find many opportunities in our world-class College of Engineering as well as in the renowned S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management including a dual-degree program and semester-long immersion. 

Joint M.Eng./MBA

This joint venture between the College of Engineering and the Johnson Graduate School of Management (JGSM), the M.Eng./MBA program allows students to acquire a Master of Engineering degree and an MBA degree in 5 semesters (usually based on Fall admission to the M.Eng. program).

The sequential, dual-degree program consists of 75 credit hours, 30 of which comprise the regular two-semester M.Eng. program. For those admitted to the MBA program, the JGSM allows some (occasionally all) of these M.Eng. credits to be transferred to the MBA program, usually saving one semester over enrolling in the M.Eng. and MBA degree programs separately.

Applicants must have already earned a baccalaureate degree in engineering, applied science, or equivalent from Cornell or elsewhere and be accepted for admission or presently enrolled in the M.Eng. program. The two programs require separate application forms and review processes, and materials submitted to one program are not available to the other. The JGSM places great emphasis on relevant work experience, and this will be taken into consideration when evaluating applications. All requirements of the Master of Engineering program are to be completed. No credit toward the M.Eng. degree is allowed for coursework done outside Cornell. All requirements of the Master of Business Administration curriculum are to be completed. Coursework done outside Cornell normally will not be credited toward the MBA degree.

To be considered, please complete the following steps (dates are based on Fall enrollment):

  1. If you have been admitted to or are attending the M.Eng. program, formally apply to the Johnson Graduate School of Management by the second semester of your M.Eng. program at the latest. You must fill out a separate JGSM application form and pay their application fee. You should also notify your M.Eng. advisor of your intention to do the MBA program so your advisor can take this into consideration when planning your M.Eng. program schedule.
  2. If you have not already done so, apply to take the GMAT or GRE (either acceptable) and is required by JGSM. January of your M.Eng. year is your last possible test date. Have the scores directed to JGSM. If you are admitted to the JGSM, your Master of Engineering degree will be awarded when all requirements of that degree are completed (usually after 2 semesters), and the Master of Business Administration degree will be awarded when all requirements of that degree are completed (usually after 3 more semesters). The two degrees cannot be awarded simultaneously. In general, financial aid is not awarded to those doing the MBA portion of the program except through the Knight Joint Degree Scholarship Program, which has very strict requirements. Information and an application to the Scholarship Program is available.

More information about the dual M.Eng./MBA degree.

Immersion Learning in the Johnson School

Johnson’s unique immersion program is an intense, hands-on semester of integrated course and field work in a specific industry or career interest.

Immersions are only offered in the Spring semester. Interested students from Engineering Management must apply their first semester and receive approval from their advisor. Selected Engineering Management students can choose an Immersion from the options below.

  • Semester in Strategic Operations
  • Strategic Product and Marketing
  • Digital Technology

The industry sponsored capstone project and practicum completed in the Immersion takes the place of ENMGT 5910 and ENMGT 6091.

Students do not need to enroll in the Immersion program to take individual classes from an Immersion track or in the Johnson school, but getting into an individual class during the course registration period is not a guarantee.

More information about Immersion Learning.