Academic Leadership

Patrick Reed

Director of the Engineering Management Program

Patrick Reed
Joseph C. Ford Professor of Engineering
Address: Hollister Hall, Room 211 
Email Patrick Reed
Phone: 607-255-2024

Ricardo Daziano

Associate Director of the Engineering Management Program

Ricardo Daziano
David Croll Fellow Associate Professor
Address: Hollister Hall, Room 305 
Email Ricardo Daziano
Phone: 607-255-2018

Joe Rowe

Director of Administration, The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joe Rowe
Address: Hollister Hall, Room 220 
Email Joe Rowe
Phone: 607-255-0549

Celia Szczepura

Engineering Management Program Manager 

Celia Szczepura

Address: Hollister Hall, Room 215
Email Celia Szczepura
Phone: 607-255-8315