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M.Eng. in Engineering Management (MEM) - On-Campus

Position yourself for success in high growth, technology-based environments.

The on-campus M.Eng. degree program at a glance:

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree gives students business skills while increasing their technical depth through coursework, team projects, and dynamic class discussions. The M.Eng. degree can be completed in two semesters of intensive study. The degree requires 30 credit hours consisting of coursework in major and supporting areas as well as a capstone project. Engineering Management students are also required to take two additional one-credit seminars, (Professional and Leadership Development Series in the Fall and Project Management Seminar in the Spring), for a total of 32 credits minimum to graduate.

Each student’s program includes at least 9-credits of electives selected to provide a track area of specialization. We have seven track areas of specialization and a “build your own track" tied to common career paths. 

Our curriculum focuses on three main areas: leading people, advancing your business, and disrupting your field. Students learn to identify problems, analyze data, and interpret the results of analyses for managerial action. The business context of the issues and decisions is also important, and the program mixes courses from the engineering college with courses from the Cornell Johnson College of Business and the School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

Shivani Chandrashekar Pattaparla

I've gained insights into motivating and leading teams, as well as making strategic decisions that impact both the technical and business aspects of a project. It's been a transformative experience, teaching me how to navigate the complex interplay of technology and management.

— Shivani Chandrashekar Pattaparla, Engineering Management