M.Eng. Engineering Management Projects

The objectives of the project can be summarized under two headings:

  1. Business objectives
  2. Engineering modeling objectives

The project topic may include (but are not limited to): sales and marketing, information exchange, cost and life cycle benefits, resource allocation, forecasting, technology roadmapping or selection, strategic and tactical planning, triple bottom line evaluations, decision analysis and support, quality control, manufacturing, or distribution.

Some examples of team projects include: 

  • Evaluation of IoT opportunities with shipping with IBM
  • Developing recommendations for a major aerospace company surrounding urban air transportation systems to be both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly to improve commuter productivity and satisfaction
  • Assessment of opportunities to reduce operating costs to impact a major Fortune 500 beverage company’s bottom line by collecting and utilizing new data elements
  • Comparative assessment of supply chains and freight logistics networks in China, India, and USA