Hawkins Leroy Etidau

Hawkins Leroy Etidau
  • Hometown: Kampala, Uganda
  • Engineering Management, M.Eng.

Highlight from Cornell:
The pictures tell the story. Exploring Ithaca, having a fun time during our trek to NYC, and celebrating a party in the Engineering Management room, all with my classmates.

What inspires you:
Solving everyday problems that people face is what attracted me to the Real Estate industry. Being able to influence the spaces that people live and work in positively.

friends in front of waterfallFavorite Professor/ class:
All the classes have been helpful in improving my skills in different areas.

Plans after graduation:
I crossed over the road to the Business School to do the one year MBA.
classmates group photo
Dream job: 
Real Estate ( Associate - Investment/Associate - Development/Asset Management)

Something I will miss: 
My groups from class. Amidst the hard work, there were a lot of funny jokes and memorable quotes. Plus, you never know how cool your classmates are until you get to know them in person.

I will also miss socializing in the grad lounge (351) and in the Engineering Management room (404).

Advice for students: 
Be open to the experience, the different people you'll meet, the different formats of the lectures you'll take, the different outside-class activities on offer and the different seasons that Ithaca brings.

friends in NYC

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