Day in the Life ENMGT

What does a day in the life of a Cornell Engineering Management student look like?


Andy smilingMeet Andy Kong. Andy is getting a M.Eng. in Engineering Management at Cornell University.

Andrea and Andy talking at her desk9:15am – Andy meets with Andrea Ippolito,  Engineering Management Lecturer. “By having a small cohort, we are able to receive individual, personalized support from our advisors both in tailoring our program plan and career search. The mentorship from our advisors make our graduate experience a team sport and guide us in the right direction early on,” Andy said.


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Andy with students10:30am: Andy meets with his team to conduct an Engineering Management Project Call with their client a Healthcare company. 

Andy said, “The Engineering Management Project allows us to practice our core technical skills with an industry sponsor. I have the opportunity evaluate innovations and potential synergies for one of the largest global healthcare solutions provider. What amazes me is that a lot of Engineering Management core classes such as project management has changed the way we work as teams. Managing a project as well as managing relationships are critical to this program.”

Andy eats lunch12:00pm Andy grabs lunch in Sage Hall at the Johnson School.

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Andy meets with Mdridul12:30pm: Andy meets with fellow student Mridul Chulet in the Engineering Management office to prepare for their upcoming MEMPC case competition in Boston.  

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Andy outside office1pm: Andy visits the International Student Office to get travel signature for his upcoming Spring Break trip to Japan! As diversity is critical to our program, Cornell has tons of great resources that support our international students.

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Students laughing at desk1:25pm: Human Computer Interaction Studio with Professor Guimbretiere. Andy said, “HCI Studio is a hands-on experience that goes beyond the technical skills of a designer and focuses on evaluating the world around us and thinking like a designer. I was thrilled when I learned that I could take this course as one of my electives! In this class, my team is trying to solve traffic congestion by designing autonomous pods which can be connected to form convoys and in turn can reduce size of vehicles and space between them.”

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Andy with Professor Thomas4:15pm – Meets with Professor Thomas before his Product Marketing Insights class at Johnson. Professor Manoj Thomas is a behavioral scientist who trains executives and MBA students to use behavioral science for smarter marketing decisions.

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Professor Thomas teaching in classroom4:30pm – “Professor Thomas’s Product Marketing Insights class is one of my favorite classes at Cornell. Through case studies, Professor Thomas breaks down consumer insights, marketing P&Ls and product launches using tools such as product positioning, diffusion models and experimentations." 

Andy with students"He also brings industry practitioners and alums to complement the lessons with real-world examples. It’s inspiring to see alums use these tools in their roles and how that has accelerated their careers”, said Andy.