Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Asian, Asian American Center (A3C) 

Information on programs and resources that focus on the rich diversity of Asian and Asian American student experiences and support an inclusive campus community.

Bias Response System

Learn about the steps and procedures for reporting bias activity.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (6-2-6)

Home to several resource centers, program areas, and student organizations that center on building and maintaining community.

Cornell’s Military Community

Cornell’s clearinghouse for information and resources for veterans among our faculty, staff, and students.

LGBT Resources Center

Information on programs and resources focused on supporting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community at Cornell.

Students of Color

List of identity based graduate student organizations focused on supporting the sense of belonging and community for students of color, and for contributing to a more inclusive environment for all students.

University Diversity & Inclusion

Learn more about Cornell University’s commitment to recruiting a heterogeneous faculty, student body and staff; fostering a climate that doesn’t just accommodate differences, but engages with them; and providing rich opportunities for learning from those differences.

University Support of International Students

Access a portal of information and resources for those with questions and concerns about the current and future implications of U.S. Executive Orders for student, faculty, and staff activities and our international programs.

University Support of DACA & Undocumented Students

Find general information on matters of admissions, financial aid, campus resources, privacy, legal assistance and safety available to DACA and undocumented students. 

Women’s Resource Center

The mission of this center is to foster a more vibrant campus community by supporting the full and active participation of female students in both their personal and educational pursuits at Cornell.