Engineering Management Graduate Handbook - On Campus

Graduate fields at Cornell develop and disseminate a handbook to support their graduate students in critical ways throughout their progression through the program, from admission to completion. Prospective students also use the handbook to learn about our degree requirements and resources available to support them once admitted.

Our handbook helps you

  • learn about our history and core competencies as well as our goals for Engineering Management graduates
  • prepare for orientation, registration, and meetings with your advisor
  • find essential information about course requirements for degree completion
  • find contact information for key faculty and staff
  • learn about policies to help you succeed
  • find unwritten and sometimes unknown expectations that we have for students
  • find courses that are recommended for various specializations as well as course descriptions for required courses
  • locate resources in the College of Engineering and Cornell University to make your time here an academically rich and personally rewarding experience

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree in Engineering Management gives students business skills while increasing their technical depth through coursework, team projects, and dynamic class discussions. The full-time residential degree requires 30 credit hours consisting of coursework in major and supporting areas as well as a capstone project. Engineering Management students are also required to take two additional one-credit seminars (Professional and Leadership Development Series in the Fall and Project Management Seminar in the Spring) for a total of 32 credits minimum to graduate. The Master of Engineering degree can be completed in two semesters of intensive study, or in three semesters for students who want to include extra electives, make up deficiencies, or pursue coursework that departs significantly from their undergraduate experience.

For students that matriculated prior to December 2022:
Download the On-Campus Handbook_Dec2022 (pdf) 

For students that matriculated after January 2023: 
Download the On-Campus Handbook_Jan2023 (pdf) 

These handbooks are accessible pdfs, but if you prefer a text-only version, please contact our program staff: